We construct things as long as history goes. We build bridges, roads, undergrounds, malls, etc. etc. And at every construction site, you always see a construction cabin ("directiekeet"). Out of luxury? Of course not!

I wrote before about the crucial importance of communication within your role as a manager. There are many aspects to this and I already covered a number of them. I am sure many of you recognize the feeling that something or someone triggered a sudden upcoming of an true emotion, be it anxiety, angry or upset.

I have frequently written in my blogs about the Rijnland model and its compromising approach to solve complex challenges. In the Dutch culture decisions are often based on the outcome of some kind of a democratic and explainable process (also called 'polderen'). I fully endorse this approach, but there must be a big BUT!

I will certainly not claim that a project is always successful if the governance is properly setup and executed. But it is very remarkable that most if not all research shows that (the lack of) governance was at least one of the causes of failure...

I can not count the number of meetings I participated in, where we wasted lots of time on topics where a personal view was more important than noted facts about the same topic. If you do so in your meetings, only blame yourself, because you went along!

The past months and weeks have proven that none of the plans for this year are becoming a reality. What started out as a just another item in the news, has now become a phenomena that has affected everyone and everything in the whole world.

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