Welcome to my website.

I maintain this website to support my active life as a manager, coach, mentor and other activities. Knowing the ropes as a leader and manager, I am making an effort to write down some of my thoughts and practical experiences in a blog. I have intended to address this blog to middle management, but it is open to anyone interested in the (daily) challenges of a manager.

If you are interested in my profile, please continue to read ahead. If you are more interested in pragmatic tips and thoughts from experience, you are very welcome to read and/or comment my blog. Expect at least one blog per month.

As a manager, I always take a very pragmatic approach to challenges I have at hand, with a strong focus on outcome, but with respect and continuous attention to the organisation I work for. I believe my key competences are:

  • To bridge interests (personal, political, organizational, contractual). Main attributes, recognized by others, are integrity, respect and reliability;
  • A good listener. Analyse and visualize complex challenges at hand to come to balanced outcomes;
  • To manage expectation and energize to go for the extra mile. Many who work with and for me believe I am well-balanced manager with a warm heart for people who goes for dialogue above confrontations;
  • To be ongoingly curious and learning

If YOU are looking for someone to…

  • Coach you or one of your managers in challenging people management environments,
  • Coach you or one of your management team with a desire to strengthen their leadership capabilities, 
  • Assist in bringing back to life troubled programs,
  • Temporary take over a (Senior) line management position, or
  • Just want some help to answer a pressing question,

pls go to my contact page and connect!

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